Loclain Energy Flow Solutions – was selected as one of most innovative European startups and got a free-of-charge stand on the European Utility Week Initiate! Startup Hub. This was a perfect opportunity for us to present our patented technology LocPower to the EU market and to get a full immersion in the global smart energy community.

Loclain's Slobodan Ocokoljic_and_Asperitas founder_Rolf Brink_EUW2017_Initiate_StartupHub

Loclain Energy Flow Solutions – our plan and pitch

We’ve came to Amsterdam because LocPower® is a first-of-its-kind energy harvesting control valve designed to improve flow control and energy efficiency of water and district heating supply utilities and water intensive industries.

Our goal for this fair was to look for partners that would help us implement LocPower® in an innovative application, the one that would lead to zero-emission energy efficiency, such as power-to-hydrogen and smart storage projects. Therefore our one sentence pitch was:


Imagine a situation where the energy recovered from pipelines is used to convert sustainable electricity into hydrogen for mobility, or where offices or water treatment plants get their electricity from a nearby reservoir or a heat storage. This is now possible thanks to the LocPower®.


Initiate Startup Hub EUW 2017 Amsterdam

2017 European Utility Week in Amsterdam was also a best place for us as a company to get a full immersion in the energy transition trends and technologies. So, here I bring some of the most interesting startup ideas that might help all members of smart utility community in speeding up necessary energy transition. Because, as Sietske Jacobs, Initiate! Project Manager stated:


The focus on transitioning to a sustainable energy future could not be more pronounced than now. Woven throughout this process is a critical factor: the passion to achieve it collectively.

Top ten Startups on the Initiate! Startup Hub

In short: hardware for efficiency, software for measuring and networking, and blockchain as panacea

1) Definitely the best discovery of the whole EUW is Asperitas Immersed Computing. These guys developed a new concept driven by sustainability, efficiency and flexibility. Immersed Computing® includes an optimised way of work, highly effective deployment, flexible IT and drastic simplification of datacentre design. They’ve also made it to the final of the Accenture Innovation Awards 2017! Together with four other innovations, they are still running with Immersed Computing within the Circular Economy category of this prestigious innovation competition.


2) Best one-sentence-explanation of what is bitcoin (reward for modern miners that invest their computer power in the decentralized mega computer) and blockchain goes to our neighbouring startup Toblockchain. These guys and girls are big startup stars in The Netherlands. This is because TOBLOCKCHAIN team is proud winner of the Energy Track at Dutch Blockchain Hackathon Groningen in February 2017. TOBLOCKCHAIN team also won a special prize at Hyperledger Hackathon, Amsterdam in October 2016.

3) Our extremely cool neighbours from Solar adTek were pitching simultaneously with us and our video presentation remote control signals mixed too often. They provide solar powered LED lighting systems for the illumination of outdoor advertising displays such as bus shelters and billboards. The system combines a proprietary Solar Control Unit and customized LED lighting modules with efficient solar panels and batteries to deliver autonomous, reliable and cost effective solar lighting solutions.

4) Beon for best solar micro-inverters check this great startup.

5) For innovative, durable and much lighter wind turbine blades check the website of our neighbours from Rotoby.

6) For Smart Inspections through Image Analysis chek Birds.ai, one of the initiate startup award finalists.

7) Ecoisme is a home energy monitor that tells you how much energy your home appliances use and how much money you are spending on them. It eliminates grid and solar energy overuse and notifies you if something is about to break.

8) ElectricFeel provides the most intelligent platform available to build, run and scale shared electric mobility systems.

9) Electron is a London-based tech company harnessing blockchain to design new platforms and services for a decarbonising, digitising, decentralising and democratising energy sector. Recognising the potential for these new technologies to transform the shared virtual infrastructure of the grid, Electron is taking a top down, collaborative approach to platform development and working with various key stakeholders in the energy industry.

10) In Lightyear they are building a commercial solar car: the Lightyear One. Check their website and blog, they are doing a great job!


An article by Mr Slobodan Ocokoljic – Loclain’s Project Sales Manager

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