Innovators or early adopters/majority

Job of a business developer is not an easy job to do. Yes, you are never bored, that’s for sure, but it is also pretty hard to find zen moments. Venture is even more complicated if you are introducing an innovative technology, such as LocPower, to new sustainable water markets. Besides analysis, planning, communication, project management and traveling usually associated with our job there is an “educative” part where one needs to actually educate an interlocutor not to be afraid of “unfamiliar”. Unfamiliar in this sense means to take risk to implement something new that lack 10+ years performance track record.

This is why innovation awards are always welcomed. They are the auxiliary credentials that new solutions offer to established companies as to say: look, a jury of peer specialist have already evaluated and questioned everything and they find it best solution on the scene, so don’t bother us with unnecessary Q&A, real question here is are you innovators or early adopter/early majority.

Water and energy nexus powered by circular economy

Total number of competing solutions on the Innovation Forum sponsored by Aqualia was 8 while shortlisted companies for innovation award were Drylet, Hias and How2O. Member of the expert jury that evaluated presented solutions after 7 minutes or presentation and a round of Q&A were: Lydia Whyatt, Resonance Asset Management; Fiona Griffith, Isle Utilities; Frank Rogalla, Aqualia; Roberto Zocchi, WRc; Paul Horton, Future Water Association; Leon Awerbuch, Leading Edge Technologies & IDA Academy Dean.


Besides winning the most prestigious award of the Summit Loclain was shortlisted in the WEX Awards for Innovation in the Circular Economy for the category Water & Energy where award was given to SUEZ for their Biogas Reuse in Strasbourg WWTP.

WINNERS for Innovation in the Circular Economy are:

  1. Process Energy: Acciona – OFREA
  2. Water & Energy: SUEZ – Biogas Reuse in Strasbourg WWTP
  3. Water and/or Wastewater Management: Sofia Water – Sofia WWTP, Towards Energy Neutral Water Supply
  4. Operations: International Aramoon Company
  5. Infrastructure: blu-3 – 21 Moorlands, Heading Works & Connection
  6. Technology: Drylet, Cheese Processor Lagoon, Manitoba
  7. Finance / Partnerships: Jarocin Municipal Office – Modernisation & Extension of WWTP Jarocin
  8. Desalination Innovation: Solar-Ution – Desalination Refrigeration Unit

Moreover, Loclain’s team (Mr Slobodan Ocokoljic and Mr Filippo Rossi) had over 20 B2B meetings with general managers and chief engineers from global Water Utilities including Aqualia, SUEZ, Remondis, Aguas de Portugal, Tokyo Water, Sofia Water, SEDIF, South East Water, Budapest Waterworks to name just a few.

WEX-Global Water and Energy Exchange B2B

Smart utility B2B – The WEX-Global way

Overall impressions from the summit are extraordinary. This is because as soon as you arrive to Lisbon and then to the Oitavos Hotel and start networking with participants you get the sense of belonging to one of the most dynamic global arenas, the one that will lead resource revolution, so called smart utility community. Your competitors are not just competitors but they share their experience and give you advises about go-to-market strategies for different countries. Utility interlocutors are open for discussion and it’s completely normal that they kindly share contacts of their industry colleagues or to perform a brief SWOT analysis of your technology for their plants. Some of them would notice some less tangible advantages of your solutions and provide fresh perspective on your own technology.

Needless to say, doing business is much easier if someone has already brought together most forward-looking industry leaders and best innovative circular economy solutions from all over the world; if you have the opportunity to run together besides ocean with an Innovation Manager of certain multi-utility group; or if you discover you share the same passion for certain basketball team as a Director of Strategic Development of a global industry leader while drinking excellent Portuguese vine. This is what makes WEX Global Water and Energy Summit an exceptional conference and that’s why Loclain is even more content with award. So, congratulations to WEX organisational team on great event. Loclain will definitely participate on the 2019 conference, wherever it may be held.

An article by Mr Slobodan Ocokoljic – Loclain’s Project Sales Manager

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