Frequently Asked Questions

The list of most common questions and answers


1. What is the power characteristic curve of the LocPower® system?

Power curves are presented to our end-clients together with a data-sheet once a budgetary offer is developed.

Since all LocPower® valves are tailor-made for specific system characteristics, this implies that their Intrernal Extra Flow Channel and turbines are custom-made and therefore it is not possible to provide one universal power performance curve.

Here below an example of the power characteristic curve.

2. What is the price of the LocPower® system?

LocPower® price is a function of the valve size and the energy recovery output which influence the price of electrical equipment.

Since every LocPower valve is tailor-made and the energy output for same valve sizes may vary significantly. Thus, the price is determined once we get to know basic system characteristics.

Feel free to contact us for a Request For Offer.

Information about your pipeline system necessary for development of the feasibility study.

Purpose of the installation point and remarks  DN

Pipe diameter



Inlet pressure


Outlet pressure




Maximum flow rate (l/s or m3/h)


Minimum flow rate (l/s or m3/h)

Operating time (annual/daily flow and pressure variations)

For Italian clients please call or send your email to:

For clients outside Italy please call or send your RFO on:

3. Is LocPower® safe for installation on drinking water distribution systems?

LocPower® is safe for installations on the drinking water distribution systems under the Italian Ministerial Decree No 174 – regulation on materials and objects that can be used in permanent plants for collection, treatment, conveyance, and distribution of water intended for human consumption (in Italian: Dichiarazione di conformità ai sensi del D.G. 174 del 6/4/2004), which is in line with the Directive of the European Commission 98/83/EC on the quality of water intended for human consumption.

Since December 2017 LocPower® is certified under CE Pressure Directive Equipment 2014/68/EU. This automatically implies acquirement of European Conformity CE marking which guarantees that the product is conformed with basic security requirements.

Also, Loclain Srl has ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certificate System for Engineering, design, manufacturing and maintenance of industrial flow control devices.

For more information please visit the Quality  page on our website.

4. What lubricants are used to lubricate power shaft bearings?

Bearings – Bearings are SKF (or equivalent) angular bearings.

Lubricants – Loclain propose as standard bearings lubricant OKS greases 470 and 476. Since bottom side of the valve and mechanical seal parts (John Crane type 502) are designed in such way to prevent penetration of greases in the pipeline the aforementioned greases are perfectly safe for drinking water distribution systems.

Product specification for these two greases is available here on pages 8 and 9.

In case our clients want a grease that is odour and taste-free we can propose them OKS 477 grease for installations where turbine do not exceed 2000 rpm, usually for valves bigger than DN 150.

5. What class of the seat sealing is used?

Metal to metal class IV seat is offered as a standard to ensure high cycling and accurate control.

6. What is the LocPower® valve local pressure loss?

Pressure loss across the LocPower® valve is typically 0.5 bar, but it can vary from 0.2 up to 0.7 bar depending on the valve size, flow velocity and particular characteristics of the system where the valve is installed.

7. What is delivery time?

Standard delivery time is from 16 (DN 80 to DN 250) to 37 weeks (up to DN 600).

8. What is the typical energy output for different dimensions of the LocPower®?

Provisional power outputs of different dimensions are as follow:

DN 80 – 100 mm P = 3 – 10 kW
DN 150 – 200 mm P = 10 – 25 kW
DN 250 – 300 mm P = 20 – 60 kW
DN 300 – 600 mm P = > 60 kW

9. We would like to be your distributor for the X country but we operate only on the distribution and retailer side, what do you think our added value could be in that case?

If you have the knowledge, the expertise and the scale to switch quickly between different industries, and you combine operational and technological experience to successfully implement changes, then we are ready to work together.

Since all of the LocPower® valves are tailor-made this means that we cannot send you a certain number of valves to hold on the stock and then sell them to the end users, but we must cooperate through the whole process.

Normally, when it comes to distribution of the LocPower® technology we are offering a commission to all of our dealers, and we can negotiate in order to clarify and operationalise this matter together with installation and maintenance activities.

Signing an NDA before we establish a cooperation is a prerequisite.

The best way to start collaboration would be to make an energy efficiency assessment for some concrete project/application.

For this, we would need you to send us the data from the table below. This way, once a feasibility study is developed, our potential clients can realise what will be energy savings generated by the LocPower® valve.

Information about your pipeline system necessary for development of the feasibility study.

Purpose of the installation point and remarks  


Pipe diameter



Inlet pressure


Outlet pressure




Maximum flow rate (L/s or m3/h)


Minimum flow rate (L/s or m3/h)

Operating time (annual/daily flow and pressure variations)


For more details please contact us via mail on or ask for video call via Skype ID:

10. If the turbine stops working due to mechanical or electrical failure will LocPower® continue to regulate pressure and flow so our water supply service remains uninterrupted?

Thanks to Extra Flow Channel this is 100% guaranteed.

Even if turbine stops due to blackout or any kind of mechanical damage you will always have regulation with actuator that will provide you desired outlet pressure.

Possibility of UPS for 2 h continuous operational autonomy or fail open or fail close action.

In case of total blackout of electric energy the valve can be manually operated.

11. What are your Flow Test Facility system characteristics?

Three x 350 m3/h centrifugal pumps;

Flow rate up to 1200 m3/h = 330 l/s;

Max Pressure drop: 12 bar at 200 m3/h;

Max valve size: DN 300;

12. What is the electricity standard of the LocPower®?

CEI 021 (Regola tecnica di riferimento per la connessione di Utenti attivi e passivi alle reti BT delle imprese distributrici di energia elettrica) which is Italian national implementation of the European regulation CEI EN 50438 (Requirements for the Connection of Micro-Generators in Parallel With Public Low-Voltage Distribution Networks).

This means that electricity output of the LocPower® system is ready for consumption and transportation via low voltage networks (for medium voltage connection refer to CEI 0-16).

13. What lubricants are used for lubrication of bonnet and gland plate?

In this part of the valve there are no lubricants because fugitive emissions are prevented with double package PTFE rings; so-called self-lubricated seals.

14. What are projected maintenance costs?

For Italian business model annual maintenance costs are projected to approximately 2% of the valve’s price.

Details for other European markets are discussed with our end-clients and local partners before signing a contract.

15. Warranty and spare parts?

Warranty LocPower® valve has a standard warranty of of 12 months after installation and/or 18 months after delivery.

Different options for long-term warranty of the entire system are discussed before signing a contract. This is possible if LocPower® system is equipped with advanced predictive and preventive maintenance instruments such as LocSens and LocTorq and performance data are shared with Loclain technical team via online data sharing platform. (LocTorq continuously monitors shaft speed and torque to prevent any anomalous behaviour directly from the control room; LocSens is a predictive diagnostics system that works through acoustic and vibrational acquisitions to identify unexpected changes in process conditions, avoiding cavitation, early wear or leakages).

Spare parts – all parts that are subject to process wear are easily accessible on the market from our providers (John Crane, OKS, etc). For all other elements details are discussed before signing a contract.

16. What is the maximum flow rate for LocPower® DN 600?

Maximum flow rate for LocPower® DN 600 is 1100 l/s.

17. Can LocPower® operate when immersed in water or in highly humidity underground chamber?

IP ratings of the LocPower® system are as follows:

Actuator = IP 67 standard (or greater on demand)

Generator = IP 55 standard (or greater on demand)

Control panel = IP 23

18. How stable is the outlet pressure and can the outlet pressure be adjusted remotely?

Outlet pressure is stable = +/- 0.1 bar (depending on PID settings); Some deviations are possible only during actuator transition to the set-point. Outlet pressure is constant once the actuator reach the given predefined set-point.

Yes, outlet pressure can be adjusted remotely. P&ID available here:

19. What is unique selling point of the LocPower® energy harvesting valve?

The patented LocPower® system possesses an Internal Extra Flow Channel and unique valve body design to maximise flow rate and energy recovery.

LocPower® unites control valve and turbine, eliminating the civil works necessary for construction of bypass pipes (necessary in traditional energy recovery systems).

LocPower® can be installed both vertically and horizontally and in hard-to-reach places.

The unique control valve provides both hydraulic (via actuator) and electric (via turbine) regulation, reducing water losses and increasing energy efficiency (network conditions vary constantly and sometimes it is better to have instantaneous regulation of small variations through control of turbine torque than adjusting the actuator, which is time consuming).

LocPower® can be installed as a regular control valve in supply networks, sustaining reservoirs or water tanks, wherever a substantial flow and pressure drop exist (min. 15 l/s and 1 bar pressure drop).

20. How can LocPower® be connected to the electricity grid?

Interface protection system is required for electric power output exceeding 11,08 kW; this feature can be provided by Loclain Srl integrated in the electrical cabinet.

An isolation transformer is normally required for grid connection. In case our clients do not posses an isolation transformer Loclain Srl can provide a transformerless electrical cabinet.