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We are happy to announce that our customer base is growing every day!

If you are interested in installing the LocPower® control valve on your pipelines, please make sure to provide us with the data from the table below concerning your applications.

Our company policy is to provide tailor-made solutions, so our communication must be as effective as possible.

The data you provide will enable us to start working immediately on sizing your valve and calculating energy recovery output and price.

Purpose of the installation point and remarks  DN

Pipe diameter


Inlet pressure


Outlet pressure




Maximum flow rate (l/s or m3/h)


Minimum flow rate (l/s or m3/h)

Operating time (annual/daily flow and pressure variations)

Don’t forget 5 reasons why there is no other control valve like LocPower®

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  • REACT AND REGULATE IN REAL TIME – Double flow control (Electric & Hydraulic) for the regulation of smallest pressure variations
  • INTEGRATED TRIM-TURBINE with supreme mechanical performance for energy efficient utilities
  • INTERNAL EXTRA FLOW CHANNEL for maximum pipeline security
  • AXIAL FLOW – no additional pipes or construction work prior to installation, which simplifies permitting requirements and saves the environment from additional GHG emissions
  • ADVANCED REMOTE DIAGNOSTICS for smart and energy efficient utilities and cities


We would like to know more about your needs and hear your feedback.

Please send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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