Ensure Your Pipeline Integrity and Harvest the Energy That Others Waste



LocPower’s innovative design tends to maximize valve capacity (Cv/KV) and energy harvesting features. Moreover, majority of the maintenance operations can be performed as on-site maintenance  without removing the valve from the pipeline.


Unlike traditional control valves where the pressure drop is achieved through multiple drilled caged or multipath trim, LocPower® regulate the flow by splitting the pressure drop through a single or multiple stage trim-turbine well integrated in the valve’s body; maximum efficiency can be reached thanks to the most effective CFD and FEM simulation software; moreover performance and reliability tests are run on LOCLAIN®’s hydraulic flow test.


LocPower® linear plug can be sized as linear, equal percent or customized characteristic; metal to metal tightness class IV or V and soft seated class VI; different hard coatings can be offered such as TCC or Hard Stellite; Double guided stem and emission free packing grant precise control and long lasting operation; different types of live loading packing can be selected to suite the most demanding applications.


LocPower Flow Characteristic and Environment

LocPower® is installed together with Electrical Control Cabinet CEI 021 with APX dimensions

H = 1900 mm

W = 600 mm

D = 500 mm


Manual gear
Electric actuator
Pneumatic actuator (diaphragm or piston type) with smart positioner
Pilot operated


LocPower® has a newly designed valve body that maximise flow rate and harvesting efficiency; Italian castings are offered in A260-WCB carbon steel or A351-CF8M stainless steel as a standard; all sort of end connections are available such as UNI EN 1092-1 or ANSI B16.5 flanges.


Body And Bonnet


NPS 3-24 150-300 ANSI
DN 80-600 10-40 PN

Internal Extra Flow, Highest Reliability

LocPower® regulates unexpected overflow thanks to an Internal Extra Flow Channel. This innovative feature allows valves to function even if the turbine stops working for whatever reason and to control a higher flow rate when needed, thus maximizing energy harvesting.

This is the key factor to combine a turbine with a control valve and demanding piping works all in one device: LocPower®.

Moreover, the Extra Flow Channel avoids unexpected water hammer, and controls upstream pressure to ensure pipeline integrity.

Electric Generator (up to 300 kW)

LocPower is commonly proposed with the last generation of synchronous permanent magnet electric generator to harvest the smallest portion of energy from the fluids; electric generators are typically interfaced with new generation Active Front End inverters (CEI 021 in Italy) to exchange energy with the domestic grid, or to storage energy.


Ads (Advanced
Diagnostic Systems)

LOCTORQ and LOCSENS represent a new generation of advanced diagnostics systems; together with the 4-20mA positioner remote control and feedback LocPower can be equipped with advanced technologies for safety and remote diagnostic; LOCTORQ continuously keeps monitored shaft speed and torque to prevent any anomalous behaviour directly from control room; LOCSENS works through acoustic and vibrational acquisitions to identify unexpected changes in process conditions avoiding cavitation, early wear or leakages.

Mechanical Seal And Bearings

Mechanical seals and bearings are carefully sized and selected to achieve high quality level in terms of reliability and fugitive emissions.

Data we need to make a tailor-made LocPower adjusted to your system


Purpose of the installation point and remarks

Minimum flow rate: 10l/s; Maximum flow rate: 1100l/s; Minimum pressure drop: 1bar;


Pipe diameter



Inlet pressure


Outlet pressure

Δbar Q

Maximum flow rate (l/s or m3/h)


Minimum flow rate (l/s or m3/h)

Operating time

(annual/daily flow and pressure variations)



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