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With more than 15 years of industry know-how and four granted patents Loclain is your reliable partner in the Flow Control industry.

LOCLAIN® is an engineering company manufacturing energy harvesting control valves for compressible and incompressible industrial fluids.

LOCLAIN® is an innovative startup located in IMOLA, Italy, with a production area of 3600sq.m., 750sq.m. of offices and an R&D area of 600sq.m. where its flow test facility is based.

The company mission is the zero emission, energy efficiency and a continuous R&D cooperation with the university network.


LocPower® is a brand new energy harvesting patented solution; it consists of a new concept of control valve able to harvest energy otherwise dissipated during its normal use in waterworks, flow and pressure control.

The LocPower® system converts energy dissipation into mechanical power and then into electric energy. Zero emission energy harvesting, zero CO2 production.

Make your utility smarter and more sustainable

Internal bypass channel means that no construction work is needed prior to installation at the site. LocPower® is easy to install and operate.


LocPower® solution offers a more conservative possibility to exchange energy with the electric grid or better LOCLAIN® can offer innovative storage solutions.

LocPower® waterworks design allows customers to control pipeline pressure offering energy harvesting features without giving up to safety criteria, regulation and control as an integrated system in the actual context.

LocPower® turns dissipation into energy savings

Install first-of-its-kind energy harvesting control valve and turn your pipeline into a renewable energy source.

Are you a utility company working in the sectors of water and energy supply and district heating?

This is your opportunity to become smarter and more sustainable.

The policy of our company is to provide tailored-made solutions.

So, help us to help you.

Send us the information from the chart below for all relevant pressure regulating points and let our engineers take over from here.


Purpose of the installation point and remarks


Pipe diameter



Inlet pressure


Outlet pressure




Maximum flow rate (l/s or m3/h)


Minimum flow rate (l/s or m3/h)

Operating time (annual/daily flow and pressure variations)